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Claim A Tattoo --> v1.0 feat. Colin Farrell

Claim A Tattoo
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Welcome to claim_a_tattoo! This is a community where you can claim a tattoo, whose ever it might be! Whatever you want. All claims are open.


--One claim per person and please check the claims list before claiming

--One additonal claim can be made if you link the community in your user info, text, or using one of the buttons below, but you must upload to your own server, if you link us, then take us off, your second claim will be removed. or you may make a link button and we'll add it to the ones below, which will result in one extra claim for a total of 2 claims.

--Once a tattoo has been claimed it cannot be claimed again, so claim fast before its gone.

--Claim anyone you want within reason.

--Don't try and claim more then one tattoo under another name, or under the same name a week later, I'll know and take both your claims away,. Its just not fair to everyone else.

--You must join the community before claiming your tattoo and any claims made in comments will be ignored.

--If you leave the community or delete your journal, your claim will be deleted, so if your changing journal names let me know so you can keep your claim.

--Maintaining a community is hard work, so if you don't see your claim up right away don't come whining, that'll get your claim deleted. I'll do my best to keep the list current, but if it happens that more then one person makes a claim for the same tattoo, the first to claim it will have it. Don't do something stupid like deleting someone else's claim, it's not smart and it will only get you banned from the community.

The rules are simple and not hard to follow. Do us all a favor and follow them.